June 2019

 Before tutoring my grade was a B, after tutoring my grade went to an A. She really took the time to help me understand the mistakes I made on previous homework assignments or tests and taught me how not to make those mistakes again. She also presented subjects that I didn't understand in class in a different way that made it easier for me to understand. I'm really thankful that I found Jolene as a tutor. She really helped me improve my overall understanding of the subjects I was learning and I ended up getting a better grade in my class. 

 Thank you for your support and help through College Algebra. You saved me! 

June 2019

With Jolene’s help my ACT composite score went from a 25 all the way up to a 30! With my new ACT score I am able to get in state tuition at Mizzou! She just made Math make sense! She gave me lots of extra resources that really made a difference in my score. 

 Thank you for helping me though the struggle of Calculus. My grade, in the end, does not at all reflect the impact you had on me this year. Thank you again for your help and support! 

 My son just got home; he really enjoyed working with you and said what a nice setting you provide for teaching. God bless you! 

June 2019

Good at explaining the material. Jolene’s help was crucial when learning new content. She was also very flexible and tried to fit a busy schedule.

 I wouldn’t have gotten through College Algebra without your help! 

It was a quiet environment, which was needed.

She was very nice and helpful.

 We both greatly appreciate the tutoring you gave my daughter to help her through her freshman and sophomore years in math and to help her prepare a bit more for the ACT. Thank you again for helping her through a challenging time. 

May 2019

My son got an 88% on his math final and is very proud. We (especially him) appreciate all your help teaching him in such a short amount of time! Thank you! 

 I just wanted to thank you for working with my son a couple times over the past week. He had very nice things to say about you and believes it definitely helped him. 

 I want to start by saying thank you. My daughter has grown as a student in the short time she’s been working with you. She has more confidence in math and that is something I am grateful for. 


 Thank you for helping me out on math. I got an A on my math test, then on my Final I got a C+. Thank you so much for helping me. 

 As of now, I will not need tutoring every Thursday. My math score jumped to a 31 so I’m done taking the ACT!!! However, I will be in contact whenever I have questions about Calculus. Thank you for being a great tutor!  

 Thanks for all your help in the past (with both of my kids). I will certainly recommend you to anyone I hear needing some help :) 

 My son had a great math class today. Felt so great about himself and his teacher bragged on him and he was even able to help some other students because he knew how to do it! So a huge huge thank you! He had sooo much confidence when he got in the car on Sunday. Was really happy and thought you were great!!!! He was seriously so happy Sunday and today telling me about it. And that is priceless!! We are thrilled to have found you!! Thanks so much.  

 You are very helpful and a great location! 


 Thank you for everything. We found you at a time when we needed your help and we are grateful for that. You helped our daughter tremendously. Her work improved dramatically. We will gladly recommend you to others.  

 I am proud to say I passed AP Calculus AB. I could not have done it without your help. Thank you so much! 

 Thank you… for helping me survive math! 

 Thanks for all your help in College Algebra. 

 Thank you for all of your help with Calculus. It definitely made the difference between me graduating or not. 

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